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How to Boost Your Online Store with Google Shopping Insight!!
eCommerce is growing by more than 10% a year, which is both good news and bad news for online store owners. The good news is that people are buying more online, as in-store retail growth stalls out.
The bad news? Competition for eCommerce customers is fiercer than ever, because there are more stores and because shoppers have higher expectations of online merchants now than ever before.
How can you make your store stand out in search results and impress shoppers when they arrive? One powerful tool you can use is Google Shopping Insights.
What’s Google Shopping Insights?
To understand Shopping Insights and why it’s so useful for online store owners, it helps to know a bit about Google Shopping first. Google’s comparison-shopping engine lets consumers search for what they need, compare prices, and visit retailers’ websites to make their purchases.
You’ll see advertisers’ featured items (called product listing ads) at the top of most search results pages. But the Shopping tab takes you to even more Google Shopping results. You can refine your Google Shopping results by price range, item features, seller and more.
This tool makes it easy for people to comparison shop, bookmark products for later and make purchases fast.
Google Shopping is where the retail industry spends most of its search ad money, and it’s where retailers get most of their search ad clicks.
That means Google gets a lot of continuously updated retailer, product and consumer data to analyze for insights that can help store owners reach more shoppers and earn more sales.
They’ve turned that into a searchable tool: Shopping Insights.
How to Use Shopping Insights to Improve Your eCommerce Store
Google’s keyword analysis monitors the pulse of online shoppers’ habits, with daily search data available for the past 12 months. The dataset covers every designated market area in the U.S., 5,000 product categories and more than 45,000 brands. Here’s what you can do with all that information.
1. Adjust your content
Effective keywords come and go, depending on consumer trends, shopping seasons and other variables. To attract the most customers, you want your site to feature keywords they’re searching for now. There are a couple of ways you can use Shopping Insights to do your research.
First, compare the popularity of the items you offer.
For example, if you own a music store, you can see which of the beginner electric guitars you carry is the most popular in searches.
Here’s a year’s worth of search data. It looks like shoppers consistently look for the Fender model more than the other two.
Next, create or update your content to feature the most searched-for products.
To get more traffic from searches, you can feature the Fender Modern Player Telecaster on
  • your guitar category landing page.

  • any other relevant category pages, like student instruments and great gift ideas.

  • how-to content on your site, like a guide to choosing a beginner guitar.

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