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What is dedicated and non-dedicated server?
As soon you think about starting up your business, you need to build, a website, blog or application and you get confused in how and where to host your website. Although, there are several available option in the market to host a website, still, two most accepted and successful web hosting types are shared web hosting, called as non-dedicated web hosting (on a shared server) and dedicated web hosting (on a dedicated server). A shared hosting, as within its name, where your website is hosted on a shared serverwith different internet clients. In a dedicated web hosting, where, your website, blog or application is alone hosted on a single dedicated server.

Generally, it is considered a challenging task to decide which one is better for you. This blog helps you in understanding a dedicated server, non dedicated server, when and why a website and you need a dedicated server for your website, web pages and blogs hosting or how its beneficial for your business.

Dedicated Server
A dedicated server is a single computer, which is in place for serving all hosting needs of a network to host a website, blog and application. You need to choose a dedicated server from a best web hosting provider- Limenetworking.

Since, your website gets a single server, therefore, its an expensive web hosting selection and should be used for huge projects and heavy websites.

When Do You Need a Dedicated Server ?
As stated earlier, Dedicated serversare costly, therefore, you need to take ts advantage for hosting heavy websites, large projects, huge applications, and information security and data storage along with its backups.

Below mentioned tips and features will help you in considering a dedicated server and increase your budget, specially when-

* You are required to a manage huge visitors traffic (due to increased number in visitor due to more promotions and advertisement).

* Your concern is more secured website – secured emails, payment information or confidential clients details (because your website is hosted on a shared sever).

* You need more bandwidth, disk space and RAM.

* You need a faster web page processing (for more customer engagements and less bounce rates).

* Your website is growing and reaching to more customers (for a better customer service experience).

* You need to have a control on your server (get complete responsibility since your website and application are not hosted on shared server).

The medium and less heavy websites do not required a dedicated server hosting, but for excess visitors traffic and making their website and business popular, it is a good idea to host their website and applications on a dedicated server. Just ensure to select your best web hosting provider- Limenetworking.

Non-dedicated Server
A non dedicated server, shared or VPS hosting, wherein a server is shared among different companies and hosts multiple websites, apps, blogs and web pages. However, non dedicated web hosting is compartively less demanded web hosting than dedicated web hosting.

You generally use a shared server for a basic website or a webpage, where you have a less traffic and visitors. Shared web hosting is considered simple as its cpanel is easy to manage which do not need a technical expertise to manage by its own, where as more advance webhosting such as VPS, Cloud, Dedicated hosting need more secured and user friendly environment and are compartively an expensive option.

A VPS server or web hosting generally handles more traffic than a shared server. A VPS server (a standalone server) is more powerful, result oriented and more flexible than shared a shared server. Therefore, most VPS severs providers offers you in a costly prices. However, you can get a deal from Hostperl – Cheap VPS hosting provider.

Are Dedicated Servers better ?
If you need a powerful server, with more bandwidth, more RAM and storage space than shared server and VPS server, then you go ahead with a dedicated server. When you have a huge traffic, large projects, popular eCommerce and a variety of products and service range, enterprise project, then surely, you need to think dedicated servers as a good idea which holds a good business opportunity better.

Therefore, when you have such big and heavy projects and requires positive performance through your website and business, you can choose from Limenetworking’s dedicated servers packages here.

In other case, you can choose to a shared or VPS web hosting.

In the end, you need to select a web hosting and server depending on your need and it requires when your website needs to be more secured, handling more traffic, becoming more popular, improved website’s performance and loading time.

In case, you still curious to have more knowledge about selecting a dedicated server and best dedicated hosting provider, our support team will be happy to offer you a free support and quotation.

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